It is about time that a debate about Degrowth and Health was started. This is the purpose of the “Health and Degrowth” thematic group, operating within the Movement for Happy Degrowth inside the Lifestyles area.

A thematic group is a group of people, coming from various parts of Italy, who meet and discuss telematically (and not) in order to develop specific topics related to Degrowth. Anyone willing to work on the topic of “Health and Degrowth” is invited to participate in this thematic group: not only doctors, but also nurses, health professionals of any kind and even people who have nothing to do with medicine!

Here you can find information on the “Health and Degrowth” thematic group.

To learn more you can visit the page of “Health and Degrowth“, the page of the project “Doctors for Degrowth” with all relevant details, and the page of the participating doctors.