Where we are

da | 19 Feb 2020

The Movement for Happy Degrowth deems it crucial to put down local roots, providing all people interested with the possibility to meet each other, discuss and work together for developing, practising and promoting a new cultural paradigm. The MDF local clubs are intended as means to achieve all this, places where interpersonal relations are based on solidarity, friendship, free gift and mutual exchange of time and experience.

Within the clubs, discussion and training activities are carried out both on the theoretical aspects of degrowth – what degrowth means to us individually and as a group, in relation to a change that starts inside each of us – and on practical aspects, such as home production.

Local clubs also act towards the outside, promoting the ideas of degrowth in different ways within their social environment and taking initiatives in three domains – Lifestyles, Technologies and Politics – which are equally important and can only be developed simultaneously.

Join the nearest local club or set up a club yourself!

Associations too can join MDF!

For information on how to set up a local club or how to join as an association (ONLY IN ITALY), please follow this link (Italian only)