da | 19 Feb 2020


Wood Cultura

Of course, the legs of a stool couldn’t stand upright without a top surface holding them together. This is the role of the new cultural paradigm promoted by MDF: a new worldview, a new epistemology that goes beyond the “dominant thought” at the basis of modern global civilization.

The word “epistemology” is derived from the Greek epi-histamai, which means “to stand over”; indeed, the new cultural paradigm is the top of the stool standing over the legs and holding them together.

A different approach to politics, technology and lifestyles can only result from a new worldview that goes beyond the current socio-economic model, based on increasing exploitment and commoditization of nature and human beings which is leading the world to catastrophe.

The cultural paradigm of degrowth intends to replace the ideology at the basis of this civilization, which is not founded upon objective and unescapable laws, but on a series of long-lasting myths: the myths of economic growth and so-called progress.

For more information see the thematic areas “Degrowth and Youth” and “Degrowth and Art”.


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