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A policy for happy degrowth encourages:

1.       Energetic self-sufficiency

2.       The technologies of degrowth

3.       Degrowing lifestyles

4.       Food sovereignty

5.       Local economic autonomy (that is, a re-localization of economy)

6.       Deglobalization


No significant change will be possible unless a cultural revolution based on degrowth invades the field of politics! Hence the importance of developing a 360-degree policy of degrowth. As a matter of fact, the Movement for Happy Degrowth is equidistant from all the main political parties, which – in our view – just represent different ways of pursuing the same objective: economic growth. Therefore, we firmly believe that a new, different policy can only start from the bottom, from small daily actions, from our civic commitment and virtuous activities carried out locally, which will perhaps, in a not too far away future, spread more and more to the higher spheres of politics.

Moreover, as provided for in our Statute, the Movement for Happy Degrowth does not operate on an institutional level and will never become a political party, but intends to act as a counselor and inspirator for political institutions.

For further details, please see our political proposal. You can also have a look at the thematic areas “Degrowth and Employment” and “Public Debts, Economic Crisis and Happy Degrowth”. For the sharing of materials concerning practical political activity, click here.


Photo via Mike Grenville